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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Monday, July 12, 2010

Big news - big girl bed!

A few weeks ago, I made the great escape from my crib and mommy flipped! (She was just scared because she knows I could've really bitten it on the way out...) So, without further ado, off came the side rails of my bed and my new toddler bed made her debut.
It has been a rough couple of weeks. On top of my new bed, mommy and daddy decided this was a good time to really get into potty training. I do okay but it's still not at the top of my "to-doo" list.

Anyway, there have been a few nights where I snuck out of my room and crawled into bed with mom and dad... Sometimes without them even knowing!... mostly, I do try to stay in bed but it's all still too new and maybe just a bit scary. 

Well, I had a busy and playful weekend and must have been really tuckered out. Mommy tucked me in all snugly and tight. She said she came in around midnight to check on me... and this is what she found:

After that, she put me back up into the bed and at 4 a.m. checked on me again and I had rolled off the side bed. She put me up again and in the morning found me again, half-on half-off the little trundle bed... Guess it's time for mommy to buy a small rail for this little toddler bed.

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