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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Monday, January 04, 2010

My Second Noel!

It's Christmas Time...
First we celebrated with Lala, Poppi & Gigi... boy oh boy - there was lots of stuff to open! I got a bean bag chair (see mom's new favorite pic at right... I love these things!) and a kitchen set which I adore and lots of other cool toys too... I didn't know where to start....
Then we were off to Crystal River to visit Nana & Poppop and Aunt Peggy and Uncle Jack and Mr. & Mrs. H and Cuz' Calvin and Auntie Carol (hope she's feelin' better!) and we had so much fun. [Daddy got to play lots' o' golf, too.] Here I am when we first arrived reading books with Nana.
I even did my fair share of chores. (But only because I would get Golden Oreos in return... mmm, my new favorite!)

Here's my doggie on Christmas... mommy took this cool pic with her new camera from Lala & Poppi... Once mom figures out how to upload video, you'll get to see my Christmas!

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