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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

She's an Angel now.

Patrick & Lisa Merhige Knight, 11/7/09

Mommy's friend is an angel now. That's what she told me. She said she was always an angel but that now she has her wings and is watching over us. Mommy is sad that Lisa isn't here anymore. Mommy told me that I was going to have a little friend soon but Baby Knight got their wings too. I told her, "It's okay mom. We will see them in time. For now, they sing and pray for us here on Earth."

Mommy's Note: Please be vigilant in your prayers for Patrick Knight, his family, and the family and friends of Carla Merhige and Lisa Merhige Knight --- we all lost two of the most angellic people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. Please pray too for the Sitton family.

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