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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pictures to Follow... 9 months!

Today was our 9-month checkup. Happy Birthday to Addison!

We are measuring 29-1/2" tall and 21 lbs 6 oz.

Also an aside from mommy: Make sure to read that first aid section in your What to Expect the First Year manual. Addie took a pretty good fall last night and it scared the bejeezus our of me. any large fall (from a distance equal to or greater than the height of the child) should be checked out by a doctor.

Addie thought she could stand and drink from a bottle at the same time but her equilibrium thought otherwise. Kaboom! Head meet floor. She cried of course (always a good sign - if they don't cry, definitely go to the ER.) But when I picked her up - all too hastily I might add... you should check for more serious signs of head trauma - she convulsed for a second (it was only a second but it felt like a lifetime). There was no vomiting or other tell-tale sign of serious injury but needless to say we stayed on Baby Watch the whole night.

It was past her bedtime to begin with and fatigue was creeping up on her and she didn't like it. She was fighting it. So the whole multi-tasking trial of standing vs. bottle was just not going to go over well... period.

Read Chapter 19 in the WTE book and know CPR and how to treat shock amongst all the other standard how-to's of insect bites, bleeding, etc.

It was a scary night indeed. But all is well. Addie is laughing and playing today like normal and we're off to our very first Gymboree Class.

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