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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

9 months...

So I guess in a week or so, I will have lived officially longer on the "outside" than I did on the "inside"... today Mommy had a doc app't for me - it wasn't bad. No shots, they just wanted my pee.

After that, we visited Daddy at work and got to meet lots of his friends and coworkers. They were all working on something big but took time out to say hello to me. Afterwards, I had to meet up with Auntie Mariah and give her something to take back to the office. I really liked her sunglasses but she wouldn't let me keep 'em.
Then, we were supposed to go for a play date at Gymboree - mommy wanted to see what all the hype was about but we got there late... not really, but mom decided to mill around the shopping plaza for awhile not wanting to be "early" but realized too late that our appointment was for 12:15 not 12:45. In any event, she took me to the "zoo"... ok, it was Pet Supermarket - but I got to see some kitties and some fish and hamsters and bunnies and some creepy crawly things.
By the time I got home, I was pretty beat and took a nap. (Mommy tried to too, but oops, too late.) When we got up, I took some pics for her but they didn't come out so nice so she took the camera from me and started taking some snapshots for my 9-month milestone.

I don't lie nice and flat anymore to pose with Monkey, so mommy captured just this one. We also played in the laundry basket. Mommy said she did this when she was a little girl too. I had a blast as you can see.
And then after bath time, she caught these two. If you look closely you can that first tooth coming in. It hurt at first and mommy says I was a little grumpy but now it's fine and I get a kick out of still trying to bite Mommy's nose. She says that's not funny but I think it's hilarious.

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