Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Monday, June 16, 2008

What a great weekend I had!

First, mommy's birthday was on Friday so I let her relax... but just a little. (Wink, wink.)

Saturday Grandma and Papa Jim wanted to take mommy to dinner somewhere special, so mommy and daddy got all dolled up in their Sunday... er, Saturday best and went to Smith & Wollensky's on Miami Beach.

On Sunday, daddy and me and mommy headed up to the Pines to hang out in the pool and have some fun in the sun for Daddy's First Father's Day. I even had my new hat and bathing suit. mommy is amazed that this is a 12-18-month-old suit - yes it was a little loose but I hope it fits for the season.

There was very little sun so I enjoyed myself a little more this weekend. After my swim though, I was pretty tuckered out.

Grandma and Papa Jim cooked an awesome meal of shrimp and lobster and steak. Mommy made mussels in white wine - ever the gourmand she is!

By Monday morning, I was pretty pooped so after breakfast I went back to sleep with daddy for just a bit before mommy dragged me out for a walk with the Baby Gang.

Happy Birthday to Mommy and Happy Father's Day to Daddy! I love you both lots and lots.

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