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Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Weekend at G'ma's and Papa's

Time for another weekly visit. So, we dressed up in

a nice little number that Auntie Judy and Uncle Joe bought for me. It's a 6-month old outfit... I know I'm only

3-months old but it still fit. I posed for some pictures on the couch. Then we decided to go swimming... but first we had to get undressed... the dress got stuck on my head and mommy thought it was funny so she took a picture of that, too! I got her back though. When she wasn't lookin' I tried to snag a sip of her Guinness. I was NOT successful.

We made it to the pool and Grandma had bought me a cool floatie. I'm too small still... but I'll grow into it. I took a nap and then we headed inside. Then for some reason mom thought it would be a good time to workout. Much to her surprise, I pushed up on both arms. She got a picture of that too. All in all, I'd say I had another fantabulous weekend. Thanks Grandma and Papa Jim!

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